Autoslide Electrically Operated Sliding Screens

Autoslide provide electrically operated sliding screens for a wide variety of applications: From Hospital receptions, Royal Mail Callers Offices, Police Stations, to serving hatches in restaurants or ticket booths in a sports arena.

Autoslide screens reconcile the need for attractive open service counters, with the need for confidentiality and security. Staff feel safe and protected whilst the customer doesn’t feel intimidated or shut out.

Staff are put in control of their working environment, opening their screen to a level they are comfortable with at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to lean over a busy desk to manually close and lock a screen.

If you would like advice on which product would best suit you, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively if you would like a budget quote please fill in the enquiry form, or fax an outline of your application with a rough drawing including dimensions.

Horizontally Sliding Products