Sliding window type AH50
Sliding window type AH50Sliding window type AH50Sliding window type AH50Sliding window type AH50

Sliding window type AH50




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How to buy: Our sliding screens are made to order to ensure a secure fit. Please contact us and we can guide you through the ordering process.

Horizontally sliding, electrically operated window adapted to increased security demands in public spaces while retaining slim profiles. In its standard version, the sliding window is satin anodized and equipped with 8 mm laminated glass - choose polished glass edges for an elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
The sliding window can be upgraded to higher security level, such as P2A with 8,76 mm laminated glass. This can also be done afterwards if need arises. The frame can be finished by powder coating, anodizing in other colours or stainless steel cladding. The sliding window is automatically locked in closed position and interval locking is available as an option. Operated by control switch with hold to run buttons.