Sliding window type Njord
Sliding window type NjordSliding window type NjordSliding window type Njord

Sliding window type Njord




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Sturdy, vertically sliding window for wide openings. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The sliding window has a 115* mm aluminium frame and can be equipped with insulating glass or up to 20 mm thick safety glass. The Njord model can be produced with two, three or more moving sections, so that the largest possible part of the opening can be put to use. In its standard version, the sliding window is satin anodized and is equipped with D4-12 double glazing. The frame can be finished by painting, powder coating or other forms of anodizing. The sliding window is equipped with a safety latch which prevents the window from dropping in the event of an accident. The safety latch is designed to carry glass weighing up to 150 kg. The sliding window is automatically locked in the closed position. Operated by means of a control box or foot switch.