Sliding window type SV
Sliding window type SVSliding window type SVSliding window type SVSliding window type SV

Sliding window type SV




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How to buy: Our sliding screens are made to order to ensure a secure fit. Please contact us and we can guide you through the ordering process.

Robust, vertically sliding, electrically operated sliding window which is suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation. The sliding window has a frame made in either steel or stainless steel. The SV model is specially designed for installations in which strict demands are made on protection against assault or firearm attack. The SV model can be equipped with everything between 6 mm thick laminated glass up to 75 mm thick bullet-resistant glass. The sliding window is equipped with a safety latch which prevents the sliding section from dropping in the event of an accident. The sliding window is automatically locked. The sliding window is operated by means of a control box or foot switch.